Like Telecom company provides IP-telephony services, IT-related international standards. Basic services Like Telecom is a virtual (cloud) PBX, SIP-trunk and a virtual number. For signaling use the most popular VoIP SIP protocol to date to ensure compatibility with various client equipment. It also supports IAX2. To increase the security level exchanges signaling messages can use SIP over TLS transport protocol. Media stream is transmitted using the RTP or SRTP for creating crypted session. It supports a wide range of codecs, the most popular G.711u, G.711a, G.729. Premium voice quality is ensured through direct joints with operators on the ISDN PRI and SIP. The target audience of the company can define three categories. This corporate clients with geographically distributed offices, requiring complex cloud solutions, and integration with existing software and hardware companies, the customers category ‘small and medium business “and start-ups, whose main objective to obtain high-quality communication with minimal cost and telecom operators, the business which is built on the exchange of voice traffic. enterprise network architecture allows you to connect the selected communication services anywhere in the world within a few hours.