SIP-trunk service Like Telecom assumes the customer’s own software or hardware PBX with the presence of the network interface. If you do not have ATS and office telephones in question needs to be addressed, we invite you to get acquainted with the virtual PBX service Like Telecom.

SIP-trunk (or IP-trunk) is a virtual connection between the server and IP-telephony customer equipment via the Internet provider. Currently, this type of connection the corporate PBX to the outside telephone network is quite popular and has a number of advantages. The most significant of them – it saves on connection services and relatively high-quality transmission of voice stream. Savings due to the lack of any costs for the installation of the part of the provider to the subscriber communication lines, which makes the service more accessible to the consumer. The only technical requirement, in addition to having a telephone exchange network interface on the client side is a stable internet connection rate of capacity not less than 76 kbit / s per voice channel. High voice quality is achieved through the use of efficient coding techniques for digitizing voice and, as a result, minimize the impact of delays and distortions in the communication channel.


– The possibility to preserving the old rooms;
– Unlimited number of lines for outgoing calls;
– Unlimited number of virtual numbers (DID-numbers);
– Reliable channel of communication;
– High voice quality;
– Support G.711u codecs, G.711a, G.729;
– The ability to set the configuration of the individual plan for each client.


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