Virtual PBX – a feature-rich PBX, which allows to effectively organize telephone in your office for a few minutes. Physically PBX is located on Like Telecom servers (hence the second name “cloud PBX”), and therefore does not require the cost of purchasing additional equipment and maintenance technicians. All you need to use the virtual PBX – is access to the Internet. Cloud PBX Like Telecom switches packets over TCP / IP network and is based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol – Session Initiation Protocol), which provides technical compatibility with most existing SIP-clients like hardware (IP-telephony) and software (softphones).

Features Virtual PBX Like Telecom


Benefits of a Virtual PBX

Easy to use and configuration flexibility

Virtual PBX interface is simple and intuitive for any user. Viewing statistics, balance tracking, listening to the recordings of telephone conversations and other activities are carried out in just a few clicks. The system supports a voice menu multiple levels of nesting different types of call forwarding (on internal employee number, a cell phone, call forwarding on schedule, etc..), And the creation of hantgrupp own internal numbering.

Ability to connect virtual phone numbers

Using a virtual PBX, you can buy direct phone number of your desired region. Now available for connecting rooms more than 60 countries. Virtual number or the DID number (DID – Direct Inward Dialing) number will be sent as a caller for outgoing calls and will be visible to your customers, but also allow to receive and process your PBX incoming calls, distribute them among senior officials or play IVR.

Scalability and independence from location

No geographic restrictions on the use of office telephony. Your office and individual staff will be able to use the office phone from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Connecting another department or office will not be difficult and will not take much time. This logically they will be merged into a single corporate telephone network with free internal calls and the ability to use the office phone number for calls to the outside world.

Reduce costs

No need to purchase equipment, rent a server room and hire staff for its maintenance. All operating costs Operator Like Telecom takes over.

Features Virtual PBX

Unlimited number of internal accounts

By default, Virtual PBX Like Telecom comprises 30 SIP-accounts, each of which has its own extension number to connect your employees to each other. Intercom – free. The number of accounts can be increased upon request technical support at no additional charge.

Recording a conversation

Опция может использоваться в различных вариациях: запись всех разговоров, запись исходящих разговоров, запись входящих разговоров, запись внутренних разговоров, запись только на выбранных аккаунтах, запись по требованию. Записанные разговоры доступны для скачивания в веб-интерфейсе виртуальной АТС в формате *.mp3.

Itemized calls

Service by calling a statistics implemented by a CDR (Call Detail Record – Detailed call record) and allows you to obtain basic information for each call. This information includes: date and time of the call, call duration, call charges, the A-number (caller number), B-number (caller dialed). In the case where the compound does not take place, it displays the reason the call ends (e.g., BUSY, NO ANSWER et al.). All data is available for export to formats * .csv and * .pdf.)

Call Transfer

At any time, talking on the phone connected to the virtual PBX can initiate a call transfer to another extension (for example, an employee from another department) by pressing the corresponding button on the unit and dialed the extension number.

Call Transfer

Available options forwarding – conditional call forwarding, unconditional call forwarding, call forwarding on schedule. Possible forwarding configured as an internal account, or to an external number.

Voice mail

Functional PBX allows you to configure different scenarios redirects the caller to voice mail (same as call forwarding), and also supports sending voice mail entries to e-mail address.

Auto attendant, voice menus

Record your voicemail greeting to their customers, and upload it to our server. Virtual PBX will play it every incoming call to your office number. Pointing tips with numbers of your departments, you will create a full-fledged voice menu and deliver the Secretary of unnecessary work.

Statement calls in queue

If your office number receive an incoming call at a time when all agents are busy, the system will send it to the place where the caller Lost message and will be asked to wait on the line until an operator is not free.

Setting the Music on Hold

In cases where the subscriber is on hold, he played the music that you choose yourself.

Setting huntgroup

Combining internal accounts into groups to receive incoming calls.


It allows you to connect to the selected conversation; in this case the third party hears the side A and side B side A side B and hears a third party, Party B hears only the direction of A.

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